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7 Things I did To Become Strong Mentally

It was really fascinating for me when I used to see how mentally tough people dealt with hard situations in their life.

In your life you will reach a moment where your mental ability will be tested. Every phase of your life will demand a different you.

And to be in the game you have to bring change in you, if you are not changing you are not growing and people will walk all over you. Being strong mentally is as important as being strong physically.

Holding tight in tough situations is not like having a cup of tea. The hard truth is that no school or college will teach you these things. You have to learn how to stay become strong mentally by your own from your own experiences.

So, here are the 7 things I did in order to be strong mentally.

1. Quit 1 Bad Habit Every Month

No one is perfect in this world.

But following this rule will definitely take you close to being perfect. We all have bad habits. Some develop their bad habits during childhood whereas some pick them up in later years.

Getting rid of bad habits is equally important as developing good habits in your life.

Let me explain this to you with an example. Suppose you made a new year resolution that you will hit the gym but at the same time if you are not giving up on your habit of drinking, that’s not going to work.

People focus so much on adding good habits in their lives that they completely underestimate the need to give up on their bad habits. Letting go of your one bad habit a month will help you build a positive mentality.

2. Get A Role Model

There is nothing wrong in having a role model.

Because whether you agree or not, we learn a lot of stuff by staying with or looking at people who are smarter than us or who have a better control on their life than us.

Getting a role model is really rewarding, because not every time you will be capable of staying strong mentally when life will hit you hard.

Having a role model won’t stop life from putting you into salty positions and testing your mental capability  but, definitely it will help you when you will be in those positions.

My role model is Harvey Specter from “SUITS”.

 Well this character has still been my favorite even after the show had ended.  I am not saying it should be any fictional character, it can be anyone – your classmate, colleague, teacher, anyone. Just pick that one who brings out the best out of you.

3. Stop Negative Self Talk

There is nothing out there that can screw you up mentally like negative self-talk.

Get into a debate with your negative self-talk when it is making you weak mentally . Most of the time your self-talk are just interpretations and are not factual.

You can’t be strong mentally until and unless you stop putting down yourself.

Try to see things from the vision of your role model. Don’t consider yourself inferior to anyone and never let the boogeymen man inside your mind feed you jitters and screw you up mentally.

Getting this change inside you will take some time to develop and will require a lot of effort but will make your calm and stable mentally. Whenever you get into negative self-talks go for reality check and look for alternative explanations.

Never let your pessimistic mind take over your actions in life.

4. Spending More Time With Positive People

Negative people always spot bad things in their life and will force you to do the same with your life.

Here, positive people refers to people whom you think are good for you. You should start spending time with positive people because they look at things on the brighter side.

You will feel happy and energized after spending time with them.

While choosing positive companions always ask yourself these questions: Do they support you? Do they make you feel happy? Do they make you laugh? Do they compliment you? Compliment here does’nt only go for looks it could be your hard work, your hobbies, your interest, whatever you are passionate about.

Because compliments plays a really crucial role in lifting your confidence.

When you will be around this kind of people, you will be less stressed and you can enjoy your life better.

So, commit yourself to spend time with people who show all these above characteristics.

5. Overcome Your Fear

Your fear will make you incapable of taking actions.

You need to get rid of the bug “I can’t” from your mind.

If you are underestimating your fear and letting it grow, then you are just making your life miserable.

Fear will eventually sabotage your happiness and will hold you back from doing things which you always wanted to do.

In order to overcome and beat your fear, the first thing you have to do is to anticipate yourself as a fearless person who is able to face whatever comes in your way.

The more you practice this, your subconscious mind will start accepting this and you will be able to see these changes in your actions.

Another best way is to confront your fears instantly and never back down from what you are scared of.

6. Control Your Emotions

We are driven by our emotions every day.

Stop taking everything personally.

If you make any move which is triggered by your emotions I guarantee it that later you will regret.

Whenever you feel like you are getting carried away with your emotions just take a deep breath and balance yourself, then think of the outcome.

Because emotion prompted decisions are gigantic mistakes.

If nothing works just postpone that decision or action making process. Because not doing anything in a situation is far better than doing something which you will regret later.

Well just think twice before doing something.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Last but not least is getting a decent amount of sleep every day.

You can easily spot differences between your day after proper sleep at night and another with sleepless one. After all day of work when you are sleeping your whole body and mind is recharging and preparing itself for new challenges to face on the next day.

Getting more sleep at night is not going to make you strong mentally overnight but, getting decent amount of sleep everyday will lower your stress level and boost your mood, because feeling energized whole day will get you some whole different level of admiration.

Sleep deprived people are not focused and have low efficiency. Your body must be coordinating properly with your mind to be more efficient.

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