10 Proven Ways To “ THINK ” Less And “ DO ” More

I remember back when I was a kid, my mom used to say “thinking of something is easy, but doing it is hard”.

I never gave much thought about it that time but, as time passed I understood the real value of my mom’s comment. Well, today I am going to break it down and explain how to “think” less and “do” more. This post will make you realize how close you are to your goals.

“If you think less you will do more” this statement is absolutely true and every successful person on the planet will agree to this because they know how too much thinking can make your action making process hard.

Everyone likes to think and talk about their dreams and goals.

There is no price to THINK and you can think whatever you want to.

But you have to understand that thinking is the reflection of things that you should be doing in order to achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, talking and thinking about your goals and dreams all day won’t help you to achieve them, because that’s how the universe works.

I can’t agree more that thinking is a crucial phase before doing anything, many people have lots of things going on in their head and they are highly excited about their ideas.

But they get stuck in the thought processing phase for so long that they completely forget that they have to put it in action to bring their ideas to life.

THINKING more and DOING less is highly toxic, it gives you anxiety and can keep you stuck, blocked and paralyzed for a long period of time.

The bitter truth about THINKING phase is that when you think too much you start to live in an illusion that you have already achieved or done whatever you wanted to. This makes you immovable and stops you from actually taking the initiative and DOING it.

There are very few humans out there who are good multitaskers; around 10% of the world’s population and the rest are not and can concentrate only on one thing at a time.

One can either “think” or “do”.

Until and unless you train your brain it is programmed to choose the easy task over the hard one regardless of the outcomes because it is not easy and that’s the reason very few out there are doers.

Have you ever thought why you think more and do less??

It’s simple because THINKING is easier than DOING.

DOING things rather than just THINKING about it requires a crazy amount of time, discipline, self-control, and commitment. That’s why people fall short when it comes to DOING.

So, Here are

1. Change your environment

This is the first step to be taken for shortening the thinking time period.

Our environment has a great impact on our mind, our mind and body act according to the environment we are in, that’s why building up an action environment around you is important.

Here action environment means setting up an environment that stimulates you to get things done.

2. choose progress over perfection

“Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70% of the information you wish you had. If you wait for 90%, in most cases, you’re probably being slow” Jeff Bezos advised this in his annual shareholder’s letter.

If you are not doing anything because you think you are not perfect then it’s a grave mistake.

When you are doing something at least you are progressing and getting closer to perfection. If you choose perfectionism over progression, in the end, you will get nowhere because

To become a good writer… you have to write

To become a good dancer… you have to dance

To become a good speaker… you have to speak

To become a good singer… you have to sing

Every damn thing you want to achieve demands action and perfection is the killer of action.

3. Set a deadline

Time flies. There is a saying “a goal is nothing, without a deadline”.

Without a time limit, your mind will think it has too much time to achieve your target which will make you less productive.

When you are working under pressure you are more productive and doing system of your brain is more active. On another hand, it will help you focus on things which are most important.

4. Develop optimistic mindset

You have to be optimistic to become a doer because most of the time thing that will be holding you back from giving your ideas a shot is your pessimistic mindset.

No matter what you are thinking to doing, a part of your mind will show you the negative sides of that action again and again which will overshadow all other positive sides of that action and you will end up quitting before starting.

5. Be Patient

Life is hard for people who prefer quick and easy.

Great things take time to happen and overnight success is very rare to fall on someone’s platter. Stay ready to do whatever it takes for your goals and be patient enough to not give up when you see no progress at some point.

6.“NO” Excuses

You will have excuses all the time for not doing something you want to. Think it this way

“I will go for a run tomorrow”

Your mind will slap you with lame excuses like-  You don’t have running shoes, you don’t have time, there is no proper place for running out there. Cut that bullshit! Just go for it. Don’t let these kinds of excuses hold you back.

7. Fear of failure

Fear of failure stops people from trying new things all the time. When you start doing something new which you haven’t done before it’s obvious you are going to make mistakes and fail.

But never let that failure be the reason for not getting up, cleaning the dirt and giving it another shot.

You have to learn to embrace failure because it’s a part of success and never forget that it is the failure which makes success taste so good.

8. Set preferences

A wise man once said “person who chases 2 rabbits, catches neither” trying too many things at a time is equally fatal as trying nothing.

Focus on one thing at a time and make it your priority, this will help you from coming across distractions and you can give your full effort where it’s needed.

9. Start small

Always “think big, start small” sometimes goals you have set for yourself are so big that you feel like it’s not achievable and this feeling stops you from taking action.

Best way to deal with this is to break down that gigantic goal into small pieces and start making small movements towards it.

By doing this your progress will be visible to you which will keep you motivated.

10. Find fun

If you are really passionate about your dreams or goals then you will definitely have fun while working for them.

Not to forget the beginning will always be interesting but soon you will find yourself in a point where you won’t feel like doing anymore and that might be a turning point because if you are not having fun working for your dreams sooner or later you will start giving less effort and end up quitting.

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  • Swapnil this is amazing the way you bind up your blog and you wrap the words in your blog is too motivating and inspiring….hope to see you as a great blogger in future dear

  • Just thinking won’t do any good ,so we gotta act on it and the way you have described it here is really beneficial to anyone who reads this post but then again applying them is what we must do😊 Keep writing bro

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