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Must Known Things Before Stepping into Final Year Of College

College life looks to be lengthy when you are in your freshman year.

But as soon you move to the end of your sophomore year, you start realizing that now you don’t have enough time in your college life.

Every year of college is significant.

But final year is the time when you will face exponential growth in course, internships, anxiety, over-thinking and a lot more.

Regrets are pointless and I have learned these things in the hard way so, here are some points that will help you to deal with all the problems like a warrior.

1. College Doesn’t Guarantee Success In Life

You have to admit this hard truth that you aren’t going to enjoy success overnight.

After receiving your college degree. At the end you are going to realize your college degree is the most expensive piece of paper you ever purchased.

One of the biggest reason is, you know what you have done in your whole college life!

How productive you were throughout the year,

how much hustle you poured into your work,

how much you were committed towards your goal.

Hundreds of students are being taught same things and same information from a decade in college.

Just think about it if your college is teaching you something and saying

“hey this is the way to succeed just follow these steps & you will become successful in life”,

then everyone can do it to succeed.

You can’t be a success by just being another brick in the wall, you need to do stuff in a different way.

As Casey Neistat said

“if you are doing what everyone else is doing then you are doing it wrong”

2. Get A Vision For Your Future

You are in a phase where many students find themselves stuck.

They choose some degree course in which they lose interest after a couple of months, and it looks like a dead end.

A lot of thoughts must be revolving inside your mind right now. But, chill my friend you don’t need to panic, take things easy. Different people in your life will give you different advice about your career, but you need to be smart enough to decide when to take those advices into consideration and when to turn those advices down.

You need to understand you are not a kid anymore who used to demand new stuffs every month from his parents you can’t go crying to your mom all the time when you are hurt.

You will graduate soon and you must know what you want to do with your future.

Not just this but having a defined goal for yourself will fill you with a shitload of confidence.

3. Quit Procrastination

The sooner you learn this better.

One thing you do so often is you procrastinate your work a lot.

You think of doing something and you keep pushing that work for days, sometime even months.

The reason you procrastinate is because

you take your work as load you don’t enjoy doing it,

you are afraid of failing at that work and think what others will think if you present it like this.

You just want to be perfectionist

but you need to keep it in mind that every professional was once a beginner & the biggest reason is you are lazy & you don’t value your time.

4. Get Rid Of Desire Of Having Everything You Don’t Have

There’s nothing wrong about having desire for different things.

It forces us to work harder and continuously keeps up the urge of working hard so that we can get all those things one day, but at the same time it underrates things we are having.

We get sad!

Let me explain this to you with an example from my life

when we didn’t own a car I used to wish we had a car, and when we got a car I was damn happy until my friend parents got a better car, this made me underrate our car and I developed an urge in me to get a higher version than them, which basically made me sad.

Well you can’t have everything, just be grateful to whatever you have and try to get the most out of it.

5. Learn Saying “NO”

In college you will make a lot of new friends.

Slowly you will start observing people, and one thing which will be so much common is that some friends of yours or some people you know will come to you only when they need something from you.

Just eliminate those bastards from your life.

You can’t walk on eggshells your whole life just by thinking you will hurt someone by your actions or words.

Just learn to say NO to those work which you don’t like and stop doing it for your pity friendship which is going nowhere.

Invest time on yourself.

6. Accept you don’t know everything

This is going to be hard.

You will find a lot of people with similar skills like you.

And, at some point you won’t agree with them, just because your ego won’t allow you to trust them.

But trust me my friend you have to accept that you don’t know everything.

Someone out there is better at that which you think you are the master.

When you will be the senior in college and one of your junior comes to you with a better alternative or better version of plan you made, you have to learn to welcome it with open hands. Because, most of the time seniors think they are the best than all the rest present out there.

No matter how much you know, always be willing to learn because that’s how you grow.

7. You should be able to talk to strangers

Your parents would have always taught you that don’t talk to strangers but, here you got to make an exception.

Because in college talking to strangers will improve your connections which will help you in long run.

Not only this if you are able to talk to strangers it will boost your confidence and will make you more assertive.

If you are discussing topics with different people you will come across unexpected brilliant ideas it will also improve your perception towards life and it feels awesome to have friends.

8. Alcohol is harmful in long run

Well, ha-ha! You might be thinking from where the hell is this coming suddenly in this topic.

This one is the most underrated thing in college life.

I have seen lot of my friends who have never tasted alcohol before but, now they are getting into this.

Alcohol completely fucks up your body, but mostly brain and liver.

When you drink alcohol, you will have trouble thinking, walking & speaking properly and will slowly dissipate after some time, when you start drinking often you will get dependent to it and your tolerance level will increase gradually.

You will face nausea, seizures, shakiness etc. & when you will try to detach alcohol from your body it will be so much difficult.

If, you think I have missed some points here feel free to write them down below in comments section.

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