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How Adopting a Positive Mindset Can Change Your Everyday Life

We’ve all had those days where everything seems to be going wrong.

When one bad thing happens, we think that things couldn’t possibly get worse. And then, it does get worse.

It seems like every time you have bad thoughts, bad things happen, right?

If you continuously have horrible days where it seems like nothing is getting better, you have come to the right place.

Together, we are going to discover the underlying problem by connecting the relationship between thoughts and reality.

How Much Power Does Positivity Really Have?

When you think of thoughts having some power over reality, you instantly have thoughts of Buddha, yoga, and other practices of spirituality.

You don’t have to believe in those practices in order to understand how powerful your thoughts really are. This is proven in everyday life.

For instance, your Monday morning starts with you hitting the snooze on your alarm one too many times.

When you finally wake up, you realize that you have ten minutes to be dressed and out the door. Because you’re angry at yourself for waking up late, you’re stomping around the house and basking in your anger as you’re rushing to get ready.

You’re running to the car while trying to balance your briefcase and coffee, and then it happens.

You spill your fresh hot black coffee on your brand-new slacks.

You’re thinking to yourself that you have already seen the worst of today, and you haven’t even arrived at work.

Things couldn’t possibly get worse, right? Wrong.

You catch every single red light on the way to work, and now you’re ten minutes late. You’ve already labelled that day as a horrible day, and the day has barely just begun.

The outcome of that Monday morning could have been completely turned around had you had a more positive state of mind. Instead of getting angry at situations that are no longer in your control, you should pause for a second and just reflect.

Is it really worth it to get upset over a situation that you can do nothing about? No.

You should not let a bad situation define the outcome of your entire day.

The outcome of a situation is always defined by how you react to the said situation. Always try to look for the bright side in every dark situation, and things won’t seem to be going as bad as you think they are.

But Look on the Bright Side

Now, I’m not sure about the whole “thoughts manifesting your destiny” beliefs, but there are way too many coincidences in life.

It seems like when you’re having positive thoughts and speaking positively, you have a great day or great things happen to you.

Also, when you’re having the worst day in the world and negative thoughts plague your mind, then bad situations keep occurring leading to a very horrible day.

Now, I don’t know the true meaning of life or how one achieves his/her desired destiny, but I do know that there is SOME correlation between thoughts and reality depending on what perspective you look at things.

As I said before, things don’t seem as bad when you look at the “bright side” of every bad situation, and things seem to be going horribly when you always focus on what’s going wrong in the said situation.

Who am I to ask you to look at the bright side when you’re having a bad day?

I mean you deserve to bask in your anger and be upset, right?

Because then you have an excuse to be a jerk to all your coworkers and family members. This is the worst possible mindset to have.

No one wants to hang around a jerk who blames the world for his/her problems.

Although a bad situation may not be in your control, your attitude and how you react to the said situation is definitely in your control.

You cannot blame the world for YOUR attitude problem.

You know the saying “don’t cry over spilled milk”? This little nugget of wisdom is basically saying don’t get upset over a situation that has already happened and cannot be helped.

What is the point of letting a situation that is out of your control make or break your day? Clean up that milk and move on with your day.

Tips on How to Stay Positive

So, I’ve explained to you how important it is to remain positive despite the circumstances and how thoughts can affect reality, but I haven’t explained exactly how to stay positive.

Here are a few tips on how to stay positive even when you want to rip out all of your hair and scream in frustration.


Of course, if you want to stay more positive, you have to get rid of those negative thoughts that cloud your judgement. Instead of basking in your anger and focusing on what has made you upset, start thinking about what you’re grateful for and what makes you happy. Simply thinking of things that make you happy when you’re upset turns your whole mood around.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

 It seems like the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is a bit played nowadays, but nevertheless, it is still true. If you surround yourself with people who are always negative and complain a lot, guess what you’re going to do. You’re going to always be negative and complain a lot, too. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and supportive, and you’ll see that your mindset and actions begin to change for the better.

3. Work on improving your physical health

Although staying positive is all about improving your mental health, being healthy physically plays a large role.

Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is very important in terms of helping to uplift your mood. If you’re having a terrible day, the fact that you had one meal and got four hours of sleep is just going to make you even more cranky. Even getting in a bit of exercise when you’re angry or upset can make you feel better and more positive because physical activity releases endorphins which ultimately boosts your mood. So, while you’re focusing on thinking more positively, try to fit in a good night’s sleep and some exercise in that schedule.

Staying positive can be extremely difficult in many different situations, but it just takes a lot of practice.

You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and be a completely different and more positive person, but over time, you will be able to notice how different your state of mind and thoughts are.

Once you are able to consistently have positive thoughts, you’ll notice that the sky seems bluer and the grass seems greener because you are able to look at the positive aspects of life.

This ultimately shows the correlation between thoughts and reality because while you can’t exactly manifest what you want with your thoughts, life seems to go well when you neglect the negatives.


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