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Avoid These 21 Self-Talks

If you are here I am pretty sure you are looking for ways to be more confident.

In simple words, confident means feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one’s abilities or qualities.

Does it sound so easy?

Yes, because it is easy.

But many people find this difficult because they don’t believe in their abilities.

Confidence can be easily measured by how much we like ourselves. Everyone wants to be confident for the reason that, benefits of being confident all the time are innumerable.

If you are not confident you will be inactive and will be wasting your time trying to please others most of the time.

Being confident makes you charismatic instantly.

Here I am going to give you people 10 simple tips to skyrocket your confidence level. I can bet you have never thought these simple things can boost your confidence level.

1. Learn self-defense

You might be thinking hey man how’s learning some self-defense moves going to make me confident?

Well, hear me out by learning self-defense you can overcome the fear of getting your ass kicked by someone who doesn’t like you or is stronger than you which will make you feel more confident. I will share more blessings of self-defense in my upcoming post.

2. Don’t ask for favours

Always remember favours are given with expectations.

If someone is doing you a favour it is most likely that they are expecting something in return from you.

Never ask for favours if you can do it by yourself or get it from the internet. Because there are very few people who award favours unconditionally.

3. Listen to empowering music

Music is a necessity in life.

Everyone listens to it but everyone has different taste and like the music of different genre.

Songs are scientifically proved to boost your confidence level if you are listening to the ones with right music and lyrics.

The right music can take you to a whole new level. Empowering music are also beneficial to cheer you up when you are feeling lazy, unproductive, unmotivated and unsure.

4. Take risks

When you take risks, you will be well aware that you have something to lose.

You will be in a completely new situation, which will demand a new you and this will force you to come out of your embryo and unleash your full potential.

You will get to know about your high capabilities, after which you will be proud of yourself.

5. Learn new things

More knowledge = More confidence.


You will feel more confident when you can do lots of cool shit which many others around you can’t.

When you have more knowledge, you know what to say and how to say! which will help you to communicate confidently with others. You will improve your stand around your family, friends and colleagues.

6. Start speaking in public gatherings

No article will mention this major confident killer.

People who can speak in public without having a second thought are way ahead on the scale of confidence than those who have stage fear.

The simple way to overcome stage fear is to do your homework and be prepared. Practice in front of the mirror before giving your speech in public.

PRO TIP: keep a water bottle handy, when you get stuck reach out to your bottle and have a sip. This will give you some time to think and handle that situation.

7. Look up to confident people

Look up to as many people you can, who are confident and do some stuff they do.

Everyone one of them will be having different qualities and habits. By looking up to confident people you can easily make a list of qualities and habits which you have and which you have to add to be more confident.

8. Avoid conflict

Conflicts are completely waste of time and will suck energy from your body.

There is absolutely no point of arguing with a fool.

A fool will always be a fool until and unless he accepts his flaws.

To prove a fool wrong you have to go down to his level. Yeah, so just avoid getting yourself into conflicts and save yourself some time to learn new things.

9. Don’t get offended

People who don’t know their worth are offended by others opinion.

Ignore the remarks you get from others if you don’t agree to them. If people are pointing your flaws and you agree to them, just embrace and fix that shit to become more awesome.

Because getting offended isn’t going to help you in any possible way.

10. Fake your confidence

This one is my personal favourite.

When you will be just starting out, many times you may fail staying confident in every situation. The best way to deal this kind of situation is to pretend you are confident. Don’t let the fear of being in a new situation beat you. Stay calm, firm and indecisive.

What are your secrets to stay confident? Let me know in the comment box.

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