My name is Swapnil Panda I am a college sophomore, (while starting this blog).

I started this blog on 1st June 2018 after coming across a quote saying “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

I have experienced this regret of not doing and not starting things I wanted to, many times. But this time I decided to change things up. I went online bought a domain name with hosting and started this blog.

Why did I decide to start this blog?

1. INTERNET BOOM, we are in 2018 this is the time when the internet is at its peak. It’s fast, cheap and anyone can access it. The INTERNET is the biggest platform, it can give you a countless number of audience.

2. Once I was at my friend’s house, it was kind of get together of some old friends. After first half an hour of the meeting when my phone died, I noticed everyone around me was glued to their smartphone, no one cared what’s going on around them.

That was the time when I decided I will not be an average consumer, I will create the content which people are consuming I wanted to be a creator.

3. It happened many times with me that I would roam all around with tons of thoughts and ideas in my mind to share, but rarely found someone sharing common grounds of interest with me.

Maybe people around me have a different taste or whatever! Who cares?! I knew I had something to say; I had a voice; I had ideas that worth somebody’s time.

I was determined that if humans can find online communities for “pansexuality”, then my audience is also somewhere out there, I just have to find a medium to reach out to them.

4. It was the starting of June and our final exams were finished and I could see a 2-month summer vacation.

All my friends were busy looking up for summer internships and I was sitting without a single clue of what I would do in these 2 months.

I didn’t want me to get into some kind of BS internship or volunteering task which would be of no use for me in the future. I had done a few of them back in last summer and it turned out to be the biggest disappointment.

I wanted to spend my summer in the most awesome way possible by doing something productive and having fun doing it.

What’s my blog is about?

My blog is my brain’s fart and reflection of who I am.

A year ago, I was not who I am now. I was a guy with dreams with no work ethic, no vision for life, posing an attitude of a loser, affected by fear of failure and endless qualities of an underdog. But I worked on myself, became more resilient and conditioned my mind to become someone which people have always said I can never be. My blog discloses everything I did in order to grow and to be jacked as hell. So, join me on my journey to live a simply awesome life.

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